The National Office of the Association is situated on its own property located at 32, Isaac John Street, Igbobi, Fadeyi, Lagos since 4th October, 2004. The Secretariat was officially commissioned on 10th December, 2008 and was redesigned to make it conform to  modern architecture in 2015.

At the inception of the Association in 1978, the National Secretariat was first coordinated by Mr. Yinka Aiyegbusi, a staff of the Federal Ministry of Labour, he later passed the baton to Joseph Oqua Ansa who had a short stay due to his emergence as the Senator, representing Cross Rivers South Senatorial District in 1979 under the National Party of Nigeria (NPN). This gave way to Mr. Mike Eiyeduodegha who was named the ‘Secretariat Coordinator’. Comrade (Barrister) Sola Iji was appointed as the Executive Secretary and served the Association from 1984 to 2003. He was able to put in place structures that are being maintained to date. He was succeeded by Comrade Ade Ola-Joseph who retired in 2015. Due to the retirement of Comrade Ade Ola-Joseph, Comrade Solomon Adebosin served the Association as the Acting Executive Secretary from August 2015 to May, 2016. Mr. Solomon Oluwanisola Iji assumed duty as the General Secretary of the Association in May, 2016. On 13th February, 2019 Comrade Solomon Oluwanisola Iji resigned his appointment as the General Secretary of the Association and the affairs of the National Office was coordinated by Comrade Peter Iyeye as the Acting General Secretary. Comrade Solomon Adebosin was employed as the General Secretary of the Association on 1st July, 2022.